The Real Value Of High Quality Content

quality-content-marketingIn a time of internet marketing where there are so many tools to help webmasters turn duplicate content into usable information to publish, it seems like the real internet marketers who are putting in the hours to produce real quality content are being left in the dust. It really does seem like marketing anarchy when you look at what some people consider to be a usable and ethical way to produce content for their web sites today. If you are using some of the article content spinners you may have noticed that if used correctly these tools really can be very effective. There is no problem using tools like this if you are the originator of the content that is being spun, but if you are stealing others articles, there are some ethics questions that arise.

The reason that most people think these apps allow them to get ahead is the fact that they can use a single article to create many similar articles that have enough unique content to make them “seem” unique to Google. This may be a trick that works up front, but in the long run many times a single uniquely written article can outperform ten copies that are very similar. As Google updates their algorithm and as they get faster at spidering the internet, these similar articles soon drop off of Google’s radar, where true unique articles seem to grow in strength over time. If you are producing your own unique content you already know that once they get ranked they usually automatically grow in popularity on the search engines and especially if there are others linking in to them.

Isn’t Creating Unique Content A Waste Of Time?

It does take time to write real unique information and if you are not knowledgeable on the topic, purchasing unique content can be expensive. However, if places on high ranking 3rd party sites and used in combination with a powerful link wheel or link magnet, these unique articles can pass on Google juice for years to come and help you strengthen the standings of any site you link into from them. There is a real value from fresh unique content that simply cannot be matched by using the new “SEO Tool” of the week or paying for spun content.

I Really Want To Spin

If you really feel the need to spin content or steel information from other people’s RSS Feeds, you may want to consider using these only on your second or third level of content locations or web properties linking back to the more authoritative and powerful unique content. This is one of the only ways I will ever use this type of content and you can do your own testing to come to your own conclusions of course. The only problem is that by the time most realize how low quality content may be effecting their sites rankings in a negative way, it is usually too late and the damage has already been done. This in mind, you may want to do it the old fashioned way, write your articles and if you don’t know about the topic, go learn about it first.

Real Quality Content

Content does not have to be articles. When we talk about producing content most fly by night internet marketers think articles to blast to a bunch of junk web sites using the cool new app they just bought on clickbank. In reality content can be an article, but even if we are talking about text it can be a blog post, a page on a web 2.0 web sites or it could be an email that you write for your mailing list subscribers. However, beyond text there are many different types of content that you can create online. For example, how about videos, images, podcasts and live events? If you really want to market your web site, blog or product like a professional, you need to learn how to start producing rich content like these examples. Multimedia content has a much higher chance of going viral and when people consume this type of information it seems much more professional almost every time.

To Your Continued Success,

Nick Simpson