If you want a free domain name to use for anything you like, you got it!

Everybody can use a free domain name right? If you are an internet marketer or run a webmaster business then you may already own multiple domains, but how much are you paying for these names?  Take a chance to re-brand any website, affiliate program or start a whole new site for absolutely free with these top level domain names and as promised, they are free.

I’ve Heard Of These So Called 100% Free Domains Before, So What’s The Catch?

  • No, you don’t have to pay for hosting.
  • No, you don’t need to join any program.
  • No, no don’t need to put your credit card information in.

Many times I am contacted by new internet marketers who are curious how to get started for as cheap as possible.  I understand that not everybody is ready to invest hundreds on a “how to” course and I don’t blame you.  Sometimes you gotta get your toes wet first, right?  Well, I ran across this the other day and I was simply amazed.  It is not often that I see something that offers this much value to internet marketers and does not cost a dime.  So here we go…

How To Grab Your 100% Free Domain Name In The Next 2 Minutes

Are you looking for a free domain name to build a wordpress site on or maybe even a domain name to use as a redirect to your affiliate product?  If you are, then you have come to the right post on the right internet marketing blog.  I have a resource that will allow you grab up a domain name for absolutely free, just like the title of this posts says, you really can grab a 100% Free Domain Name right here, right now!

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Nick Simpson

Update – Rename Long Domains To Short Free Domain Name From Your Web Browser!

Oh, I almost forgot!  You can also use this really cool free domain name service to rename domain names from right from your web browser.  If you want to rename domains on the fly, this is a very valuable tool and again it is also 100% free, so start grabbing all the free domain names as you need where ever you are on the internet by using this sweet browser add-on that allows you to create short urls using your own unique domain name on the fly!

To get yours now, just click the big picture above

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