Traffic Tornado – Massive Amounts of Free Web Site Traffic

Tired of Having Tumble Weed Roll By Your Website?

Well this ain’t no western!

I am here to share a couple of excellent ways to totally blow your hosting account out of the water with a traffic tornado folks!

There are almost unlimited ways to generate mad traffic to your website and I know that some seem a lot more complicated than others especially if you are new to internet marketing are a sprouting webmaster.  Some of the best traffic generating methods in the world are absolutely free to do and just require a little elbow grease if you know what I mean.

If you want people lining up bumper to bumper to get in to your web site it’s going to take some work. I will not lie to you like some other guys and tell you, hey this is going to be easy and you can do it over night, because frankly that is not true.  If you want the Traffic Tornado to hit your site, you are going to have to work like a meteorologist, or maybe more like a steel worker, because I am not sure the weather man actually works?

What I will show you is…

Ways To Create New Visitors

Ways To Generate Visitors Within Your Market or Niche

Ways To Get Lasting Traffic and Search Engine Results

Real World Methods That Do Not Take A Rocket Scientist To Understand

What I will not show you is…

Lame Social Bookmarking Tricks That Boost Your Rankings Overnight and Then Disappear The Next Day

Black Hat Methods That Will Get Your Site Removed From Search Engine Results

Methods That Do Not Produce Real Visitors

Information Products To Make Me Money and Empty Your Wallet

Content Is King!

Yes, I Know You Have Heard It Before But…

It really is true, content rules the internet and it rules search engines, thus it must rule web site traffic. I know that sounds like a silly logic puzzle, but when it comes down to it, no matter what you are doing on the internet to drive traffic to your page, if your content is crap, it makes no difference anyhow.

Start with your website, start with what the experts call on page seo. This does not mean cramming the same keyword phrase into an article a thousand times, (if you think this is seo, stick your hand out so I can slap it). This means create an article that would make you excited to share it with somebody else if you found it. NEVER write your content for the search engines, ALWAYS write your content for the reader in mind.

If you write with the reader in mind, not only does it come off as such when it is read by others, but you are more likely to get some free PR (Press Release, not Page Rank) from your readers. If you can continue to crank out award winning content, seo (search engine optimization) will take care of itself, I Promise You!

If you have great information to share and you make it easy for people to add your content to popular social bookmarking sites, you won’t have to be “one of those guys” who goes and diggs his own content every day or stumbles every article he writes. And after all who wants to be One Of Those Guys anyways?

Article Marketing Works!

Article Marketing Has Been One Of The Most Powerful Traffic Generation Methods Since It’s Inception And Still Is.

There is no question about it, article marketing is among the strongest forces on the internet when it comes to driving long lasting streams of traffic to your web site. The basis of article marketing again is “Content Driven” however it is totally acceptable to submit the same article to a few or even hundreds of article directories.
This makes article marketing a lot less labor intensive and can put your content on some sites that already have some Google Page Rank so your content may receive attention from the search engines faster than on your own site.

Article Marketing In a Nutshell

Here is the breakdown and concept that drives article marketing and article directory sites.


-You as an article marketer create an article on the same or similar topic as the site you are wanting to drive traffic to.
-You post your article on many free article directories hopefully with page rank.
-You put a link to your site, using a keyword phrase that you would like folks to find you on Google from. The reverse thinking here is that google will see your keywords in your links on many sites and then rank your site higher in search results because of this, this is a strategy known to seo guys as “Link Building.”


-The article directories get free content on their site, they get email addresses to market to, YOU.
-Website owners get to re-publish your article on their sites, but get this, they have to leave your link in the article to get rights to republish.
-Both article directory and web site re-publishers hope for some juicy adsense ads to show up next to your article to make money.

Now, this is not the fastest process, let me tell you. However you will NOT run across a longer lasting and self sustaining link building system. The links that are in your articles getting automatically spread all across the internet will give you a small trickle of direct traffic from click throughs on your links and if you mix up your keywords on your links and you write many good quality articles, this can dramatically raise your search engine standings and through time, this one method can get you on the almighty #1 spot of google!

Some Quick Useful Links:

Top 250 Article Directories Listed By Google Page Rank – This is a list compiled of many many article directories, listed by their google page rank, so start your way at the top and work your way down.

Submit Free Articles – This is a new article directory and yes, it’s mine, you got me! Oh, well now that the cats out of the bag, read this squidoo lens to see why you should be posting even though its brand spanking new: Why Is Different Than Other Article Directories

Social Sites Will Really Start The Storm Front!

We are Still Talking About Creating A Web Site Traffic Tornado Right?

All jokes aside, social websites are the single fastest growing sector of the internet to date. I don’t know if you are going to start the next You Tube, so for the time being, lets go with the famous “If You Can’t Beat Em, Join Em” theory made famous by Bugs Bunny, I think.I do not have 10 hours to write on this topic right now, so I am going to give you the steak and potatoes version for the time being.

Types of Social Sites:

Social Bookmarking Site:

These sites help grow massive traffic if your site is submitted to many, these sites are considered to be authority sites in googles eyes.  What does this mean? This means google has a crush on these guys and if your site shows up here, Google will share the love!  Never take advantage of these sites, you will most likely be punished by google, but if you use them correctly and you have posts that others decide to add to popular social bookmarking sites, you will see a huge difference in traffic over night! I have had sites getting about 60 unique visitors a day, get over a 1,000 unique visitors in one night, just because somebody thought enough of my content to post it on so remember again, content is king.

Social Media Sites:

In today’s media loving world, you cannot discount the power of social media sites!  These are strong traffic generating machines and they are truly a force to be rekoned with,when it comes to generating free traffic for any site…This is a big part of your web sites Traffic Tornado, so make sure you don’t leave this one out.  The biggest thing here is video, guys if you don’t want your face on the net, no problem there are free applications that will let you record your screen or even turn articles into video automatically, if you need help finding these just contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.  You can make one video and distribute it to about 20 video sites using some other free software, this is one of the most powerful marketing methods to create a “Buzz” about your site, not only can you put the web address of the site you are driving traffic to in the discription of your video, Make  Sure You Put It On The Video Too!  There are some shifty people who will share your video without the description and hey, I have never worried about this, because in my videos, I say the web address and it is at the bottom of the video, so steal it share and I am still lovin It and I suggest you use the same approach if you want to drive mad crazy traffic to your website

Social Networking Sites:

Depending on what business, offer, program or web site you are trying to promote, this can be of the most important places to drive relevant traffic directly to your site and make connections with even more folks that can help you do this over and over.  The magical thing about social networking sites is 2 fold, one localization – you can find people that are physically close to you – if you run a physical business and are trying to get people to see your website that tells them about your brick and mortar business then, this is truly a goldmine.  Second, relationships – this sounds corny, cheesy or just plain old strange, unless you are in a mlm business.  However, relationships in business are very important, you never know when you are going to run across that one guy that knows a thousand that would love to visit your website or would love to help send more people to your site for you.

What Do I Need To Do On Social Sites?

-Be Social: That Is Why We Are Here, Talk To People, Lots
-Be Interesting: Nobody Cares What The Boring Guy/Gal Is Doing
-Share Stuff: Videos, Pictures, Links
-Find Groups and Join Them
-Post About Your Site AND Other Sites That Are Cool Too
-Invite Many Friends and Get a Few, Every Day
-Make Your Own Groups To Share More About Your Site
-Have Fun and Help Others When You Can

Well Here’s A Small Nugget Of Social Netowrking Gold For You Ping.FM And That’s No Joke!

Hey, since I just gave you some gold, how about following me and getting to know me on some social sites?

Find Nick Simpson On Social Sites

Thanks in advance!

Start Your Web Site Traffic Storm By Adding Your First Link Right Here

It’s Free and If People Like Your Site, It Will Stay At The Top Of The List!

The good thing about links on pages like this are that they are here forever! So put your link here and start your traffic tornado right now.

O.K. I won’t lie, it may only be like a small shower or thunder storm, but you have to start somewhere and sometime and what better place and time than right now and right here!

Just scroll to the bottom of the original traffic tornado lens and add your links to the  list! and

O.K. I will admit, I just can’t decide where to put these sites, they are part social media and part article marketing and part paid blogging.  No matter what they are or what you want to call them, if you are not using these sites you are simply loosing a Sh#t Ton of Traffic.  Pardon my french guys, but really you will not find a better, easier and more profitable platform to drive The Traffic Tornado your way than using these sites.  You can’t loose and both of these sites have a warm community that is glad to show you how to get started and how to utilize their sites for your success.  So that being said I am going to stop typing before carpel tunnel really starts to set in and leave you with a list of some of my own squidoo lenses I have recently created.  They are all chocked full of more free information just like this and some may even be good enough to show you an example of what a successful post on one of these sites may look like :-)

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I love gadgets, technology and all that the web has to offer. I have a background in PC hardware and support and have been offering my own hosting and online web design and reputation management services for years through my company NS Technologies. Contact me on my social networks to get in touch or to see what type of web alchemy my agency can offer!

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Nick Simpson

I love gadgets, technology and all that the web has to offer. I have a background in PC hardware and support and have been offering my own hosting and online web design and reputation management services for years through my company NS Technologies. Contact me on my social networks to get in touch or to see what type of web alchemy my agency can offer!

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